Well, that didn’t go as planned, now did it?

TeiWell, it really didn’t. I’d intended to get things up and running again and as usual…well…there’s a reason that people call Life a..not nice thing that rhymes with witch, which is one of the many fun things about this month.

It’s been a year and more since I was able to post last and I’m not at all happy about it. I’m hoping but not promising I’ll be better once it all settles down (Hopefully soon) but I’m not making any promises since they just don’t seem to work out when I do, no matter how hard I try. I haven’t even been keeping up with my favorite ladies, although I hear Shana is doing a kickstarter to produce her own GF flour, and Jen is always doing something amazing. These people are amazing and stretching to reach their dreams and I have nothing but the highest of praise for their efforts. It’s made me reflect on my goals and desires and what I want out of life.

But it’s kinda been the epitome of chaos and transitions this year.


First there was a sneaky sneaky project that took four months of intensity…

…A graduated…







…and we….got married!









With about a week between the two…in the middle of which we moved from Louisiana to North Carolina…

After the wedding, we then began the job hunting. And more job hunting…and more job hunting…until we decided to try back where he grew up. So we spent about 3 months going back and forth to Maryland from North Carolina every 2-3 weeks or so depending on how often he would get called in for an interview. While I kept working for the family I used to work for to make ends meet, although I’d join him during the job hunting as well. He got hired first and he loves his job…but then it meant moving again. This time -ONLY- from North Carolina to Baltimore. To live with my fantastic in laws.

And they are fantastic, but that means the kitchen is not mine…so no recipe development.


So after Aaron got a job, it was my turn, which with this market was rather frustrating. It’s never taken me too long to find a job before but after graduation it was such a pain. But I did find one. One I really enjoy even if it’s not where I pictured myself. So then began the apartment hunt. And we found one. But in Baltimore area, they’re a bit pricey. Especially in the area where we both work so we saved for a bit, while living with the in laws. And we move in at the beginning of  November. And once the kitchen is set up, I am DETERMINED to start up eats geeks properly once again. Although I might try and make sure I have a backlog before I start posting intensely since my work does have very busy periods of the year that I might be too exhausted to do much.

Anyways, that’s what’s up with me? What’s up with you?



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