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Roadtrip: Gluten and Allergen Free Expo – Day Two

Posted by on September 11, 2012

Sorry for taking so long to get this post up, we spent even longer at the expo on Sunday and then we drove back for 8+ hours and when we crashed at a rest stop, we really crashed, so we didn’t get home till 8am. A had classes at 2 and so we slept until the last possible minute and then I had to return the rental car, and I was supposed to take our car in to get my transmission mounted (which just sounds weird, but whatever auto repair guy) so I spent most of yesterday just kinda trying to get everything unpacked so I could do laundry. But now, I have the time and so here it is…Day 2 of the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Dallas, Tx. Also, I’m going to do the Vendor Fair in a different post.

Hilary Kass of Ancient Grains Bakery

Hilary Kass of Ancient Grains Bakery

First cooking demo of Sunday was Hilary Kass of Ancient Grains Bakery, she showed us how to make some Paleo crackers. It wasn’t really my thing, but I found it interesting to learn about Teff, Sorghum and other ancient grains. She was an absolute fount of information about those grains as well as what ideas you should take forward in baking gluten free, such as substitution and the like. Also, she’s a ninja chef! I was manning the door, no one was there…and I glanced back in and suddenly the entire table was set up.

Alta Mantsch

Alta Mantsch of Tasty Eats at Home

The second lady of the day was also a real pleasure; Alta Mantsch of Tasty Eats at Home. Doesn’t shes photograph so well? Now, one of my BIGGEST issues with my own weight control is not eating enough and not eating early enough. With recipes like hers, I would not have this problem. She did a Gluten Free Breakfast foods demo and the samples…I might have had a few more than just one, luckily, she made plenty. This was probably the most under appreciated demo I got to see during the expo. We slowly filled up, but we never reached full capacity like the one on Saturday morning. She’s definitely in my blog following escapades now. And she was so sweet! The ideas she comes up with are easy, simple to follow and yummy! Her chocolate chip banana muffins were quickly devoured and both A and I had a guilty moment as we snatched a few more of the samples.

And then there was the Vendor Fair….

…which is another post all together. But to give you and idea…here’s my swag from the Expo. Which is not even including the like hundreds of dollars in coupons we got between A and I. Or the non physical stuff like recipe ideas or checkouts.

Dallas Gluten and Allergen Free Expo -Swag

Dallas Gluten and Allergen Free Expo -Swag


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