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Review: Plentils

Posted by on September 17, 2012

Okay, so I still don’t have much in the way of time right now, so I figured something that might be good to do was the product reviews of the things I tried at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Dallas. I’m pretty much going to go in the order of the stuff I tried in the order I discovered them around the ballroom. So that means that today’s product is Plentils. They are from the Enjoy Life brand and guaranteed to be free from the top eight allergens. Now, as a disclaimer, I did receive a free (actually 2) bags of them as did A while we were at the expo but they did not ask for my review nor am I receiving any compensation from them unless you consider the coupon I also received (along with a few thousand other people) for the Plentils.

First off, I’m going to comment on the packaging. Mostly because it was crisp and not extraordinarily going “OMG WE’RE GLUTEN FREE” all over the package. I understand the need to get the message out, but it’s also really nice to not feel like people would be staring at me if I was eating these in public or something. I’m not ashamed of being gluten free or anything but I also don’t like being stared at like I’m some freak of nature when I’m eating so the downplayed labeling was nice. It was about enjoying life. Just like the brand says. And you know I’m all about.

Next is the ingredients which should have been more important but I just really wanted to point that out about the packaging. Now, the ingredients are really cool. They are made from lentils as the name suggests. Not rice flour or any other GF flours like that. Well, it does have some potato starch to hold it together but I liked that I could pronounce all of the ingredients on the list without having to really think about them too. Maltodextrin was the hardest.

But I suppose you want to know the important part. How did they taste and what did A think of them? Well, I tried them the first night after we got back…and then got into A’s bag for more. Way over a serving size, but I couldn’t stop eating them. It was like someone rolled the crispness of a chip and the puffiness of a pork rind into the same thing and then made it taste like pizza. Yeah, pizza because that’s the flavor I tried. So very good.  Now, I’m not sure I’m fond of the $3.99 price point but that is better than some of the GF snack food prices out there. And just for you, I’ll even provide the link to where you can get a coupon of your own. Plentils coupon.

However, while the Enjoy Life brand is at Walmart and other mainstream grocers, the Plentils do not yet seem to be even though sometimes the Enjoy life brand will have coupons for the Plentils. This is a shame. So I’m also going to mention this to you. Go ask your grocer for it if they don’t carry them. Especially if they do carry the Enjoy Life brand.Enjoy Life Brand Store Request Letter (make sure to make note of the Plentils if you can since this is a form letter for the entire brand.

So what’s your favorite GF snack?



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