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Tips & Tricks: Easy Peasy Smoothies

Posted by on October 25, 2012

Okay, maybe it’s just me; I do not function well in the morning but I keep getting told over and over again that I need to eat breakfast to kickstart my metabolism. And the oatmeal thing I shared before is great. Except when I forget the night before because I’m tired/stressed/whathaveyou. So the next best thing is a high protein smoothie. But what if brain power is not the highest function? Easy. I make my own premixed smoothie parts. I take the pretty, funky novelty ice cube trays and fill them with yogurt. Then freeze them. I use an entire batch of good yoghurt up that way so it’s healthy and high in protein. Grab some out of the freezer, then I have mixed berries and just pinch off some bananas and pour in milk and suddenly I have everything I need in my little mini blender to make me some smoothies. How easy is that? What’s your quickie breakfast?

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