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News: More still to come

Posted by on November 15, 2012

Well, if this is your first visit, you might not think much of what’s been going on around here.  But I’m kinda excited.  See that logo up in the upper left hand corner? That’s EatsGeeks new logo done by the awesome guys and gals at Logonerd. It took a few tries to get it just right but they never lost patience with me or anything, at least not that I saw. *wink* So I have all kinds of spiffy logo things to play around with now. Plus, I changed the background and theme on wordpress. This theme is much more customizable than my last. I wouldn’t have been able to use the new logo if I’d stayed with it. Which is sad, because I loved that theme (The Vintage for those who want to know). Hopefully, I’ll love Adventure Journal  just as much (after all, what is Gluten Free eating but an adventure). Need a better header picture though, but this one will do for now, just wish I took better pictures. Probably need to get my little brother, Nik on that one. Now this background will be familiar to those who followed me from Blogger as it’s a bunch of sugar crystals at a much higher resolution ( as it was labeled or it might be sand as there are some arguments about that around here but it’s cool either way).

In addition, I have been working on a recipe adaption of a recipe that’s similar to a baguette and I’m hoping that I’ll have that up for you on Friday. And then Monday’s recipe is going to be one I promised for Linda at the Gluten Free Homemaker. She wanted GF gift ideas and so I’m going to put my ideas up to share. So I’m hoping with having put it all down, I’ll be more aware of it all and will get it done, so to speak. As we move into the holidays, I’m going to try and post more than once  a week, but not every single day or I’ll burn out with this and work. So how do you make your Gluten Free Holidays easier?


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