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Tech: Sauté

Posted by on December 1, 2012

Okay, so apparently there’s a lot of question about what a saute is and if it’s the same thing as a stir fry with just a different pan. Short answer: No. Long answer: Sauteing uses little oil, high heat and the food is browned and yet moved quite a bit through being tossed in the air ever so often while in a shallow pan. Sirfrying on the other hand has more fat and the pan is much deeper and the point is not to brown your food, merely to cook it evenly. Sauté in French actually means jump. Trust me, I thought that was amusing in my French classes before I knew any better. Here’s a short little video of me sauteing, kinda badly to be honest.Just ignore the tiny green bean that fell out and the itty bitty kitchen. *grin* Hence the bad saute, no elbow room so very small tossing.


For actually form and practice, try holding an empty pan down, like you’re going to let a dog on the ground eat out of it (silly picture, I know) Now if you were looking at you left side from the outside, pull your elbow in that’s holding the pan (about a 45 degree angle), you want to keep it close to your body at first. Now if you had food you would push out onto the heat, lift the pan up and toss the ingredients and pull the pan immediately back to catch what you’ve tossed. It’s in the shape of a backwards e if you’re looking at your left side. I’ll try replacing the video with a better one later. Enjoy!


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