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Update: New Year’s Resolutions and Going Forward!

Posted by on January 9, 2013

TeiSorry for being out of sorts for so long, between driving over 3000 miles in about 10 days and now dealing with a non GF 12 year old for the past week, I’ve been a little out of sorts. It’s been a crazy holiday season and it’s not quite over just yet but I thought I’d give you an update and make sure you knew I wasn’t dead from all the driving. It was a lot of fun this holiday, despite all the crazy driving. I gave out many presents of my Mustard, Salsa, and Ketchup, along with my blue cheese dressing made from the home made Mayo which I’ll share later this week. I also made apple butter with a recipe adapted from Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten Free and gave it to Aaron’s grandmother who was recovering from a trip to the hospital. I also made some Roasted Nuts for some of the people who I had no idea what to give and then made some Meringue Kisses and Ganache for Aaron’s parents since his mother had loved it so much last year. So I’ve been a very busy girl and with the new year I’ve got a lot of great ideas!

However, one thing has got me stumped. My 12 year old son who lives with his dad normally. He seems to have lost his taste buds of adventure. This was a kid who when he was 10 months old shoved his hand into my plate of Ga Bun from the local Vietnamese place and then shoved it into his mouth and came back for more. This was his first real food…and until the time I left, he loved trying whatever I gave him and yet now each night is a struggle. Any suggestions from you GF mothers out there? I’ve got to work on some kid friendly recipes that are healthy and taste good, so that’s obviously a New Year’s resolution for me. I do have some recipes planned out already and I can’t wait to share them with you. This year is looking up to being amazing. I’m surprising myself with how far ahead I’m thinking now that I’ve graduated. You all know how I went to last year’s GFAF expo in Dallas but I’m hoping to go again this year because it seems like each week, I’m learning more and more about the GF lifestyle and how to make it work with me and mine without trying to destroy the science behind the food which was my foundation. So I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me and I’d love to hear how you’re moving with your new year forward!


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