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Simples: Italian Tostadas

Posted by on January 28, 2013

TeiAs egobusting as the thought is, no man is an island and I’m no different. I have had a rough few months, between Christmas plans shifting to still not being able to find a full time job so I can start paying off my loans, to simply having the energy to get up in the morning because it all feels like a crushing weight. At the same time, I’ve never been happier. Aaron proposed shortly before Christmas and because of all the stress, it hasn’t really absorbed into my brain until the past few days when I find myself looking at him and realizing how very lucky I am to have a man who would go out of his way to ask for my 12 year old son’s approval to marry me. I got a good one, girls. I’m a lucky girl despite all that other junk. But it’s still hard to get up when you’ve fought for everything, every inch of your life and play by all the rules and yet feel like you always get shafted. I’ve been keeping gluten free as much as I can, but I’ve always had enough issues prying the weight off of me. It isn’t the normal reasons either.

According to my doctors, I basically have my body on starvation mode. When I can go to a restaurant, not finish the food, yet count the calories as if I did, and still not come up to a daily minimum of 1600, something’s wrong. I don’t go days without eating anything but water anymore, but it’s not far off. Sometimes, it feels like even junk food would be something but it’s like I’ve become scared of food and with money tight, I’m afraid to experiment and this morning, it just got reinforced even further when I tried to make a morning smoothie for Aaron a bit healthier. Added Quinoa and Chia…and a few other things and just bleck… I haven’t had that much of a barely mitigated disaster in the kitchen in the while (I did -eventually- finish it and it wasn’t too horrific after adding some sweetner). If I’d had my head on straight, maybe it would have gone better but I need to get back to basics. Or rather Simples. Simples are basic dishes, sometimes even part mixes or premades that I’ve ‘kicked up’ that I can eat or make healthier so that I’m healthy. They are going to be under 30 minutes (REALLY!) to make and I’m not going to worry if everything is perfect. They are going to be something I can teach my son to make. I hope you enjoy something I threw together  to make a tasty snack because all the parts were in the kitchen.


Difficulty: 1.5, (heat application)
Time: 20 minutes, 10 if using premades
Yield: 8

Mise en place

Electric Grill
Oil Spray


8 oz Uncooked Chicken cut into long strips (helps them to cook faster)
8 Corn Tortillas
16 oz Spinach and Artichoke Dip, heated (homemade or store bought) or any other sauce you like
Parmesan Cheese
Italian Seasoning
Salt/Pepper to taste

Now, first off, if you’re like me, you’ll cook chicken up ahead of time for lazy days so you can just throw it into stuff.  But if not, turn your electric grill or skillet up to 350 F. Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper while the grill is heating up. Lay the uncooked chicken on the grill surface and cook, turning half way through. Should take about 3 minutes on each side. Remove from grill and scrap bits into the refuse box. Then spray  the corn tortillas with the oil spray or you can use melted butter like I prefer. There is no set way of doing this, it’s just how I found to taste better. Lay the tortillas down and let them cook until the other side bubbles up and the bubbles on the bottom brown a bit.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

While the first side is cooking, cut up the chicken you’ve cooked or had heated up from already having it. Flip the tortillas and spread with the heated Spinach and Artichoke dip, evenly but lightly like a good pizza sauce. I then sprinkle each with a bit of Italian Seasoning. While that is cooking, heat up the chicken if it’s already prepared and chilled. Sprinkle with the chicken and Parmesan cheese and let it cook till it bubbles and melts the Parmesan cheese. Remove to plates and enjoy.



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