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About the Geeks


Otherwise known as Tabitha K. James, Sweet Geek is the brains and the beauty behind the concept of Eats Geeks. Trained in the Pastry arts at Le Cordon Bleu Portland (formerly Western Culinary Institute), Sweet Geek discovered that she had at the very least a wheat allergy and Gluten sensitivity while a Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Major at Southeastern Louisiana University. Already intending to open a Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Bakery due to her best friend’s own issues with Celiac disease, she now had even more purpose to her quest to “make gluten free yummy things” and she’s been leveling up *ping!* to get make that dream a reality with her own casual restaurant that will be Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly.


Also known as Aaron Matzke, A Geek is the one who keeps the gears grinding on. Working on a Bachelor’s in supply chain management at Southeastern Louisiana University, he’s driven by a love of discovering (and eating) new foods, as well as all things geeky, including his Sweet Geek. Although he’s not gluten intolerant, he’s stuck by her on the diet and  found quite a few surprising health benefits from it. Always willing to rediscover food, he is (or likes to think he is(Note from Tabi: He is)) behind a majority of the terrible wonderful ideas that are eventually reinvented and puzzled out into new delicious ones.


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