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About Eats Geeks

Originally termed Sweet Geeks, Eats Geeks was intended to be a Gluten Free Friendly bakery where anyone could eat and be healthy. However, as Tabi learned more and more about Celiac Disease and allergies in general after her best friend was diagnosed, she found that while it was doable, what was really needed was a truly gluten free place that also could serve the needs of people with no such issues and that taste wouldn’t be a consideration because it would all taste wonderful.

But as the idea developed more and more, and Tabi even went  to Pastry School, she realized it wasn’t just pastries and the end of the meal she was interested in, and so while the name stayed around a bit longer than it needed to, the idea was brewing and churning as she also became interested in the idea of food trucks which her beloved then home of Portland, OR had in abundance. As she continued researching, it became clear that there wasn’t a super shortage of fine dining GF options being developed as well as snack food levels but what was missing, was something in between. Somewhere that mom could stop with the kids and grab a bit and not worry about allergies.

Deciding to go her own way in the world, Tabi began ‘Just a Sweet Geek’ blog to keep track of her adventures as well as the recipes she collected and developed herself. It  still wasn’t completely GF but it was a start.  But as her classes got tougher and her roommates weren’t as sympathetic to her cooking, posts were few and far between. However, in the Fall of 2011 when she had moved out of the campus apartments and into her own with Aaron, she began having her own issues that would leave her fatiqued and exhuasted after the simpliest of outings and of course, because it was her senior year, money was getting a bit tight and they were eating cheap. Ramen, Spaghetti, cheap mac and cheese. You name it.

At the suggestion of Tabi’s mum who has helped Tabi’s best friend find a diagnosis for her issue, she grudgingly tried the gluten free diet…a pastry chef on a gluten free diet. She was miserable for the first few days…and then she began to notice that she woke up easier, that she didn’t need the nap in the middle of the day anymore, she was more attentive in classes. That settled it, Sweet Geeks was just going to be Gluten Free because there was no way she was going to make stuff and not be able to eat it. As school began to wind to a close, ‘Just a Sweet Geek’ was remembered and reformatted into a Gluten Free Blog and Tabi promised to dedicate more attention and time to it. And so far, she’s succeeded and while her dream of a casual resturant isn’t very close, it’s a lot closer than it was before. Sometimes it’s the journey that matters more than the end result; but that doesn’t mean she’s given up yet.

Tabi: Eats Geeks is dedicated to Gluten Free Food and Allergen Friendly and Free Products which will stand up to ANY taste test and we will not rest until it is so. Everyone deserves food that is nourishing not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul.

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