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Author Archives: Tabi

About Tabi

A trained crazy red head who trained to be a pastry chef then found out she has a wheat allergy, got a management degree but can't seem to find a way to get experience without already having had official experience and who offers her skills in organization and kitchen cleansing of evil gluten like a ghostbuster and cooking up delicious and scientific gluten free foods along with odd little tricks and tips for everyone thanks to the little ball of yarn that she listens to far too frequently.

Well, that didn’t go as planned, now did it?

Well, it really didn’t. I’d intended to get things up and running again and as usual…well…there’s a reason that people call Life a..not nice thing that rhymes with witch, which is one of the many fun things about this month. It’s been a year and more since I was able to post last and I’m … Continue reading »

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