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Gluten Free 101

I come across many people in my day job who are literally just starting out on the gluten free diet and are rushing to the store to get food that they can eat. It’s a bit like a panic and often it only gets worse as the foods at the grocery aren’t the best and it can be downright depressing at the options if your first taste of ‘gluten free’ food is a stale cardboard cutout of food. Starting out with gluten free cooking isn’t easy nor is it intuitive. I’m not going to try and claim it is. But with a little luck and some research it is manageable. Now see, here’s where I come in. I’m going to supply  the luck and give you the information I find. Some of it is my own findings, some of it is from other bloggers or websites that I find have really good information. So each week, look for the GF101 tag and that’ll show you the information I’ve found for that week. But then it’s also going to be posted here in case you miss it. But first, information that I think is a great place to start.

This section will be all about Coupons or discount codes to things I think you will enjoy. I’ll include codes and links as well as a link to the review itself to help you out. Or if I haven’t reviewed it, I’ll post it if I think you’ll like it anyways. *grin* Click away!


VitaCost – Gives you a $10 sign up for new accounts. Lots of GF foods to choose from at a discount. *See disclaimer page


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